What is Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon Inspiration

Harvest moons are symbolic of transition and abundance – traditionally giving more light so that people could harvest their crops.

Did you know that this Harvest Moon offers a special reason to embrace abundance into your life?

THIS harvest moon occurs in October… which is super special.

“Between 1970 and 2050, it’s anticipated that the Harvest Moon will only occur in October 18 times.“

Here is what my friend Debbi Dachinger wrote on her Facebook page:

A Most Remarkable (& Mystifying) Astro Numero Event Ahead! On Thursday, 10/5, the gorgeous Harvest Full Moon rises, ushering in an interesting time of transformation and action. Ruled by Aries, which signifies strength and power, this Full Moon also happens to fall in an “11” Universal Month (10+2017=1+10=11). The 11 is known as the “Master Manifester”, so prepare yourself. The days before and after this powerful lunation are a potent time for creating the life you desire.

In the last week, I could not figure out why I have been feeling pulled in new directions by a powerful, natural force. I have intuitively felt compelled to make some shifts.

And then I read about the Harvest Moon…

Now it all makes sense!

So, I wanted to share with you what I have been taking on in the last week to offer some ideas.

What inspires you??!! What will you take on as you open further to inspiration and abundance??!!

*Clean, organize, declutter – make space for the new!

*Put fresh flowers, plants, crystals, inspirational quotes/signs in the home – give a signal to the Universe that you are being intentional about upping the energy in your life!

*Take care of outstanding tasks, particularly long outstanding tasks – demonstrate that you are willing to take responsibility and action for more abundance!

*Book a self-care treat such as nails, massage, haircut – remind yourself that YOU are the foundation!

*Visit a friend or family member – share your kindred human spirit!

*Make a commitment to a new program, club, or membership that would benefit your learning,
and growth – set out structures in order to sustain your positive energy and momentum!

*Write out goals, desires, and affirmations – ask the Universe for what you really want!

Remember that the wording of your goals, desires, and affirmations is important. If you have questions about this, pop me a quick email!

~ Big Hugs and Happy Harvest Moon!!

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