What is an Extraordinary Life?

“What is the definition of extraordinary Kara?”
(Who are you to judge my life as not extraordinary?!)

These questions are brilliant ones that I, myself, pondered deeply years ago.

I still remember being challenged years ago to look at my life – to evaluate how happy I truly was, and to consider what extraordinary might feel and look like. I was confronted. I was defensive and resentful, but at the end of the day, I was tired and overwhelmed, and couldn’t imagine when I’d find the time and energy to turn my life in a different direction.

But my inner voice said, “Well, I do believe in my heart that every human being is deserving of abundance in all forms. I know I am too. And I really want to believe in my mind that I can DO this… I can create extraordinary and do it on my terms!” Honestly, I simply decided that there was no harm in giving it a go. It seemed like the payoff was crazy good. It was worth choosing and committing to dig in.

When I started working with one of my long-time clients, she was facing the same question. What I explained to her was that if she was willing to believe that extraordinary is possible, I was willing to work with her to create her version of extraordinary, one step at a time. She began her journey by picking the area that was top of mind for her: health. (Now, other clients I’ve worked with choose career, finances, partnership, etc.)

One week at a time, we set out strategies and plans, and you guessed it… she made progress and had breakthroughs. We uncovered some of her blind spots. We dealt with some major hurdles. And then we started to see that the skills and power she gained were transferable, and made a difference, in other areas of her life. As we worked together, we explored what extraordinary looks like for her – because it’s different for everyone.

Here’s a simple tip for YOU to get started. Answer this question: “What would be the area of life that you would first tackle in moving toward creating an extraordinary life for yourself?”

Like Tamara said in her recent email to me, when you make a choice, and then push yourself to take action that supports your choice, it may seem like a seemingly small step… but it’s not. Never underscore the importance of doing something different than what you’ve been doing to get a different result.

Did you have some level of resistance to my initial question, “What would extraordinary look like?” If so, ask yourself, “What am I defending that I need to stop defending? What do I need to let go of? What do I need to embrace?”

Go ahead and post your answers below. What do you want? What will you try? Even a small gesture will make an impact on creating the extraordinary life you deserve!

With love,

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  • Beth Young says:

    My focus is health as well. I have hired a trainer and got a gym membership. The hard part will be to continue as life gets busier, but I am determined to make this a priority.

    I need to let go of the thoughts I have in my head about what others expect of me. I need to do much more self-care and keep my priorities in line with my goals.

    I need to change my relationship with food, so that it’s self sustaining and not self-defeating.

    • Kara Deringer says:

      YES Beth!

      Shout it out!!!

      Your health is the foundation of your success. Good for you. Keep me updated on your challenges and successes.


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