Tip #5

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “New Year’s Resolutions”?

Do you put your toe in the water… and make a few resolutions?

Do you jump all in… and spend hours making lists and creating goal boards?

Maybe you’re somewhere in between??

In the spirit of the NEW YEAR, I wanted to send you a handful of tips for creating YOUR New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you are “meh” about your New Years Resolutions… or “gung-ho” about your New Years Resolutions… let’s amp up your success quotient.


Tip #5:

Clean Up!

One of the best ways to ensure a boost of success in 2018 is to start by creating new, blank space.

Clean your car, clean your house, clean your closets – and don’t be afraid to get creative about finding help to get your cleaning done!! (Look for a coupon, or hire the neighbour’s teen, or ask a friend for a favor.)

Return borrowed items, pay debts, address legal issues (for example if you don’t have a Will), review credit card statements, and cancel unused subscriptions that you autopay.

We need to clear away the OLD to make room for the NEW.

Look at your to-do lists from 2017. Pick three things that you didn’t get done in 2017 that you are committed to GET DONE this week!

Look at your old to-do lists again. Pick three things that you’ve been meaning to do, but that you see now are not priorities for you. Cross them off your list! The last thing you want to do is get down on yourself for not getting something done last year. It’s a brand new year so set your new priorities!! Remind yourself that you will need lots of physical and mental energy to move forward in 2018 and to create EXTRAORDINARY in your life.

Let’s keep our conversation about New Year’s Resolutions simple to start. I’m going to leave Tip #5 here.

BUT… if anything else comes to your mind that you need to tackle in order to clean up in your life, DO IT!!!

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