Tip #3

The one thing that people rave about and thank me for after they have finished my Seeds of Success program is finding FLOW in their life. They can’t believe how easy and peaceful life is when they find flow. And they wish that they had found flow much, MUCH earlier.

Flow is about balancing SYNCHRONICITY with ACTION. It’s about generating and practicing a mindset that synchronicity and the Law of Attraction can be super easy… that love, abundance, and success can really just fall into your lap. It’s also about learning how to take simple, focused, and consistent actions to generate your flow.

Finding flow in your life requires you to move in and out of synchronicity and action fluidly.
Have you found yourself thinking that life seems harder than it should or could be? Have you wondered why other people have better “luck” than you? Have you been fed up with the fog that you keep living in?

Little signs that you’re in flow might look like: finding the perfect parking spot; winning a prize; someone you were thinking of texting or calling you.

Big signs that you’re in flow might be: selling your home within a few days of putting it on the market; meeting the partner of your dreams in line at the grocery store; being approached with a dream job offer or business opportunity.

We DIG INTO flow in Seeds of Success because I think this is one of the most potent skills that I teach. And it’s not an easy one. In my six-month program, we work through blocks in flow, create more flow, and structure life to STAY in flow long-term. Living in flow is refreshingly pleasant.

But I want to give you a few quick tips now.

First, make a choice to find your flow. This actually needs to be a conscious decision. Have a conversation with someone about your commitment to find flow. Write an entry in your journal about wanting to find flow. Go for a walk or have a bubble bath and daydream about what a positive difference finding flow would make in your life.

Second, start to eliminate words like “hard” and “difficult” and “messy” and any negative vocabulary that signals your mind and the Universe that you are willing to accept yucky-ness in your life. Don’t spend your time or energy thinking about – or talking about – how hard situations are.

Third, think of a person who lives their life in flow. Life seems easy, abundant, and fun for this person. It’s not that s/he doesn’t experience challenges, but s/he appears to glide over the hurdles. Plan to spend more time with this person.

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