Tip #2

Tip NUMBER 2!!

New Year’s Resolutions require a comprehensive plan.

Sure, we can say, “I’d like to release 20 pounds.” Or we can say, “I’d like to invest more money.” But these resolutions aren’t going to be what carries us in creating an extraordinary 2018!!

First things first: We need to make resolutions in all areas of our life. In Seeds of Success we identify and evaluate all the areas of life because just looking at miniscule parts of our life isn’t enough to create an extraordinary level of transformation and success.

Next: We need to break down our goals and be specific. For instance, I’d like to purchase a rental property, save $5,000 in my tax-free savings account, complete a retirement savings evaluation, reduce the money I spend on eating out by 30%, and earn $30,000 more this year.

Then: We need to think about the milestones and actions that will drive us toward our goals. Each of the five commitments above – just in the area of finance – would require mini goals, and a variety of action steps and supports.

In other words, for you to set yourself up for success in 2018, you need to evaluate ALL areas of your life, create solid goals, and identify action steps.

It’s absolutely worth spending the time and energy to set yourself up for TRUE results in 2018. The year will go by fast, so WHY NOT make sure that you’ve done the critical work now to set the course and gear up for YOUR kick ass year??

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