What people are saying...

Life is a wonderful workbook that takes you on a journey to not only view your life from different angles, but also to help you explore all angles within your mind, body, and spirit. The structure and guiding text is well-thought-out and help you connect with inner peace.

- Robert Clancy, Television Host & Producer of The Mindset Reset Show

Life offers you the opportunity to both lay out practical actions, and think through deeply reflective questions. Makes a great gift to yourself or someone special in your life!

- Lisa Mininni, Founder of the Business Innovation Lab and President of Excellerate Associates


This journal will awaken you! So often we can find ourselves moving through life unconsciously, but these reflections provide an inspiring space to go within.

- Shari Alyse, Co-Founder of the Wellness Universe and Bestselling Author of Love Yourself Happy

“I love Kara Deringer. She’s not one of those teachers who says one thing and lives another but someone who is honest, authentic, and walks her talk.”

- Debra Poneman, Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul Author

Ellen Rogin

“We all know that communication is the basis to every successful relationship. In Chirp you’ll discover simple and powerful ways to boost your effectiveness as a communicator, and enhance your relationships.”

- Ellen Rogin, Co-Author of the NY Times Bestseller Picture Your Prosperity

Brian Smith

“I love the way Kara shows how our habitual approaches to communication can skew the messages we share with others. She offers simple, practical ways to speak our truth.”

- Brian Smith, UGG Founder

Shawne Duperon

Chill is an intelligent , vulnerable and thought provoking inquiry on how to give up taking things too personally in life. A book to surely enhance your journey.”

- Shawne Duperon, 6-Time EMMY Winner & Project Forgive Founder

Teresa De Grosbois

“Kara’s real and witty sharing is full of wisdom and practical tips. With vulnerability, passion, and spunk, Kara shares personal stories about her life and encourages you to find your own way.”

- Teresa de Grosbois, 4x #1 Bestselling Author and International Speaker