Tackle the Mini Tasks

There are many to-do tasks that involve mini tasks in order to fully complete them. Subconsciously, we can get overwhelmed with tasks because we haven’t broken the task into mini tasks. If you need to get a process started, like hiring someone for a household or business task, take the first step of reviewing some classified ads and sending some emails. If you need to get a stain out of something, you may need to soak it first. If you want to register your child in an activity, maybe the first step is to speak to other parents to get ideas and recommendations or submit an online registration form.

We can become consumed with analyzing which mini task to begin with. Just take a first action. There are lots of times when it doesn’t even matter which first mini task to tackle. We just need to take a first step. If you’re cleaning your basement, it may be a matter of contacting a family member to request that s/he remove their items from the space. Or it may be a matter of borrowing a shop vac from someone. If we get going on one mini task, there’s less thinking to be done. It’s more a matter of one foot in front of the other.


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