Surround Yourself with Giving

Whether it’s your friends, the companies you support, the community you live in, consider how you can align yourself with people, organizations, and a lifestyle that’s oriented toward giving. The decisions you make every day will take you closer to, or further from, this commitment. The stronger your choice and actions are to surround yourself by giving, the more that you’ll start to see generosity unfolding naturally all around you.

When we get off track, we can bring ourselves back on track. We can catch ourselves when we’re focused on taking, judging others for taking, or having the experience of someone taking from us. We can notice when we get weird in any way about giving or receiving—for instance, when we have a story about what a person should do or say for us to give to them, or we have an expectation about what and how someone should give to us. Giving is a pure, beautiful act of human spirit and generosity. When there are expectations, judgments, conditions, or anything of this sort, we need to catch ourselves in this weird energy and bring ourselves back to what giving is really about. We can remind ourselves that our commitment is to focus on giving, and the positivity and abundance around that.

We can all work together to create synergy and a new world of givers. We can encourage and inspire our children, friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to all work together and create a world of givers. We can shift from being skeptical and thinking that people only give to get, to being trusting and believing that people have good hearts. We can become a world where all people love each other as neighbors and are eager to give the shirt off their backs in any given moment. There may be people who don’t choose this path and stay in the negative energy, but eventually, with a real shift, the people living in light and abundance will envelope the rest. This shift in thinking can be created just by choosing this path.


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