Stop Ducking Out

This requires you to get real honest with yourself and reflect on whether there is a hidden agenda or expectation that someone else is going to do the task that needs to be done for you. Do you secretly hope your colleague, neighbor, mother or father, sister or brother, manager, friend, partner, etc., is going to bounce joyfully up to the plate and knock the task out of the park for you? Home run! Score! You’re off the hook! Someone else did the work for you! You may secretly hope for this and not really even be aware of it.

This is not to say that you need to take care of everything. It would be a big mistake to believe this is necessary or desirable. There are many things that we think we need to take care of that we could actually allow others to assist us with and give them the opportunity and gift of contributing to us. However, if you’re secretly hoping to weasel out of something that you need to get done, you may as well just get it done rather than keep crossing your fingers and hoping.


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