Step Over Challenges

The fact is that life is full of challenges, obstacles, and bumps in the road. We all know this. This is not a revolutionary concept. In fact, this is the design and purpose of life. We need to taste the sour to taste the sweet. To expect anything different is to have your head in the clouds.

If you’re stopped by a challenge in one area of your life, chances are that a similar challenge is holding you back in other areas of life. Again, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” This is the purpose of the coaching work I do with my clients—exploring the barriers that are holding people back in an area of life, and breaking through them to create breakthroughs in all areas of life.

When we stress about challenges, we’re not being chill for ourselves or the people around us. Nobody likes to be around someone who’s being whiney, fearful, lazy, or a victim. I would guess if you get real honest with yourself, you don’t even like to be around yourself when you’re being any of these.

Stepping over challenges is a mindset and a practice. An openness and a willingness to self-reflect are required to step over challenges, in addition to some real courage and commitment. People who step over challenges aren’t born a different way. They choose to live a different way rather than being ruled by the human condition. In the human condition, there’s doubt and fear and excuses. A commitment to being extraordinary, and contributing on an extraordinary level, defies the human condition. No matter the challenge, you can step over it. In fact, you can leap over it with flying colors if you choose to.


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