Speak Exceptionally

The more we tell ourselves mentally and tell others verbally through our words that everything is perfect and that the journey we are on is perfect, the more we put this positive and accepting energy out there—and believe in it. Perfect doesn’t always mean that things are easy or fun. It means that we can see that things are unfolding in a natural order. We can see that we are learning and growing through our challenges, and that in the big picture, we are creating a life full of happiness and love. We don’t need to be artificially positive and pretend that all of life is wonderful always. We can speak about the challenges we’re experiencing authentically and share the steps we’re taking to overcome the challenges, the things that have been happening in perfect synchronicity, and how we are on our path of fulfilling our purpose and intentions.

This means getting out of the habit of being negative and okay in what we say to ourselves and others and getting into the habit of being positive and exceptional. Let’s move away from complaining, gossiping, and storytelling. Let’s move away from focusing on the “ho-hum” of life and focus on what’s exciting and extraordinary.


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