See What Flow Looks Like

What does flow look like on a daily basis? It is absolutely wonderful! Day-to-day flow generates an abundance of opportunities and results. Life unfolds in a way that is far easier and far more fulfilling than you could even imagine. Below is a personal story that illustrates flow that I have experienced:

On a Sunday, when I had committed to myself that I would spend the afternoon writing, I found a popular brand-name top on an online used site that I wanted to buy. When I inquired via text if the top was still available, the seller said that it was and that she lived on the north side of the city. The trip would be about a 45-minute drive for me.

With online classified ad buying and selling, my main rule is to KISS, as is my rule with other things in life. I asked the lady if she travels to other parts of the city and shared that I would be downtown in two days (which is about 60–70 percent closer to her area of the city than my neighborhood). She responded by saying that her two little ones (1.5 and 3 years old) were sick that day and that she was planning to drive around the city mid-day that day anyway to put them to sleep. She said she may as well drive somewhere in particular rather than drive in circles. She said that she would be happy to drop the top off. An hour later, she arrived in my driveway with her two little ones in the car. I ran out the front door, gave her the money for the top, and away she went. This was perfect synchronicity.


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