Reboot & Recommit

I’ve taken some time over the summer to rejuvenate and enjoy the hot weather with family, and also to reevaluate my priorities and goals for the coming months.

Many people look at September as a new year, and there’s a lot of power in that mindset of a “new start.” I wanted to hit the ground running in September, so I’ve been putting into practice (and tweaking) the success strategies that I teach in my programs.

And guess what?! I’ve already hit some of the goals that I set a few weeks ago!!

I share this because many women approach me and ask, “Are you actually as happy as you seem Kara? I mean with social media these days, everyone posts their best pictures and looks really, really happy… but we are all wondering how much of it is true.” I respond by admitting that, like anyone, I have good days and bad days. And overall, I AM HAPPY. I do see that my efforts to create an extraordinary life are coming to fruition.

So… I’d like to challenge YOU! If you could pick one area of life to truly transform and make extraordinary this fall, what would it be??!!

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