Reach Out

Many of us live life alone without even realizing how we do this or how often we do it. In other words, we have become so independent, solitary, and disconnected as a way of living every day that we don’t even realize the extent to which we are doing it.

Reaching out for support requires more courage than not reaching out. It takes guts to admit what we’re dealing with and what’s stopping us. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is to let go of trying to be perfect. A mentor of mine, Vik Maraj, said, “Nobody admires someone who’s perfect, Kara. People want to know that you’re a normal human being, dealing with the same normal things that they are. Everybody out there is trying to look like they have it all together. It’s ordinary to want to look put together. It’s extraordinary to admit that you don’t have it together.”

This doesn’t mean reaching out to people to complain about and dwell on problems, but rather reaching out to people to request that they help you identify and confront your barriers. Believe me, the people in your life probably don’t want to hear you whine or struggle. (And if they do, take a look at your social circle.) They do want to see you happy and experiencing love in your life. They want to see you chill.


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