Raise Your Awareness

Many of us aren’t aware of our habits and their impact because they’ve become routine. We’re numbed by the amount we waste and consume because it has become a way of life in our culture. When I walk into retail stores, especially large ones, I am astounded with the products that line the walls and shelves from floor to ceiling. What makes me sick to my stomach is imagining dumping all of the product from that store into the landfill, because that’s where it’s going to end up. What makes me even sicker is thinking about dumping all of the product from all the stores around the world into landfills.

Do an experiment. For one week, keep the containers of any beverages you purchase. When you buy a coffee, drink it, and keep the paper cup. Do the same with any pop bottles, juice boxes, etc., that you buy and consume. Collect these in your office, your home, your vehicle. At the end of the week, pool your containers, and evaluate the size of your pile. If you want to take on a bigger and more thrilling game, save all of your containers for a month. Now when you evaluate the size of the mountain that you’ve accumulated, remember that these are just the disposable beverage containers that are a result of your choices, not any other disposable byproducts of your lifestyle. And remember that this was just for one week, and you are just one person on this planet!

Take on some other actions to raise your awareness around consumption and environmental impact. Go camping to remind yourself of what we really need to get through a day and be happy. Take a trip to the local dump. Watch some videos online that educate on environmental impact. Go check out a slaughter house. Read an article on the environmental impacts of travel. Go on a juice diet for three days. Tour a water treatment plant. Research the environmental impacts of the business practices in the industry you work in. Volunteer at a Salvation Army, thrift store, or the like. Visit the dirtiest and most polluted areas where you live or vacation. Push yourself to get out of your bubble.



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