We need to dig in and take ACTION…
in order to create real and sustained change.
Let’s get started!!


Reinvigorate Retreat

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This program is a top choice for work teams to do together,
or for professionals to commit to on their own.

The process in this 8-hour day has proven to
dramatically transform the lives of many people.
Your takeaways will be surprising. Your shift will be lasting.

Key Retreat Objectives include answering the following questions:

*What challenges are stalling and paralyzing you right now?
*What aspects of your relationships would you like to boost?
*What would taking your results to the next level look like?
*What would truly inspire you to contribute and make a big difference?
*What is your action plan for moving forward?

The time is NOW. Your Reinvigorate Retreat will give you…



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Discover your ultimate path to true focus and fulfillment!

This comprehensive 6-month training program will empower you to
elevate your PERFORMANCE with: astounding productivity, astounding communication,
astounding relationships, astounding leadership, and astounding satisfaction.

The program is offered in groups or on a private basis.

Who Should Register?
*Motivated Professionals Committed to Leading a Powerful Life
*High-Valued Supervisors and Managers with High Potential
*Heart-Centered Parents who are Ready to Pursue their Goals
*Career Transitioning People Wanting Clarity and Motivation to Move Forward
*Work Teams Looking to Boost their Synergy, Morale, and Productivity

Get the learning, growth, and personalized support that will skyrocket your achievements.
You will be amazed with the REAL (authentic and distinct) transformation that you make.

Is this ACTION-based program for YOU?!

Seeds of Success

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If you’re looking for a bite-sized taste of Kara’s incredible training…
Seeds of Success is a wonderful program to start with.

Can you imagine what it looks and feels like to have an extraordinary life
regardless of your challenges or roadblocks?
Can you imagine getting out of feeling like you’re in a fog?…

Many people say, “I don’t know how to move from the ‘day-to-day’ life that has unfolded.
I fall into bed at the end of the day, get up in the morning, and do it all over again.
I have no idea if I’m headed in the right direction – or a direction at all!”

Is there a little voice in your head that’s asking, “Is creating an extraordinary life even possible?”
Maybe you are thinking, “I don’t have time to create extraordinary…”

In Seeds of Success, you’ll get clear on your priorities that matter, discover what YOUR
definition of “extraordinary” means, and create an action plan that’s true to who YOU are.


What exactly is Seeds of Success??

AND… Why are people saying that it’s an INCREDIBLE program??

Powerful Purpose & Passion

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Get ultra clear on what your BIG DREAMS are… and your next action steps!

You KNOW that being connected to your gifts and your mission
is KEY in creating a life full of magic and happiness…
Let’s DO THIS together!!!

You’ll have me right by your side…
so that I can help you tap into your inner voice and set out a road map.
This way, you can start making your big dreams REAL.

Have you been feeling like there’s something missing in your life?
Get clear on your strengths and gifts…most importantly, connect with your passions
so that you are building a life that is deeply fulfilling.

Has there been something holding you back and you just don’t know what it is?
Identify fears you didn’t even know were there, and put them in the place they belong.

WHY is purpose and passion KEY to creating happiness??