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Sassy Seeds of Success

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Can you imagine what it looks and feels like to have an extraordinary life regardless of challenges or roadblocks? …

If you had asked me that years ago, I would’ve said, “I don’t know how! Is that even possible?!”
Thankfully, I proved myself wrong. And now you can too!

Is there a little voice in your head that’s saying, “I don’t have time to create extraordinary…”

Join the club!

With Sassy Seeds of Success, in 10 days or less, you’ll discover:
your personal plan for mastering the itty-bitty tasks all the way to tackling the gargantuan to-dos.

Do you feel like there’s always roadblocks from keeping you from getting what you really want?
This is your opportunity to identify the visible AND invisible challenges so that roadblocks become speed bumps and you can easily navigate over them.

Do you feel like things never quite go your way? Maybe you are tired? Maybe your stress is high?
In Sassy Seeds of Success, you’ll learn exact steps to get into the “flow” of the universe… and be able to leverage its immense power to manifest your ideal life.
If you’re reading this, you probably already know that coaches charge
100s and even 1000s of dollars per hour to work with them personally!!

What if I guaranteed you that this program will change your life?? …and for only $197.

YES. I’ll offer you a money-back guarantee. Plain and simple.
If you’re not happy within 7 days of completing Sassy Seeds of Success,
email me and I’ll happily give you a refund!
I do this for two reasons: 1) I know my program works; and 2) I want to make a REAL difference.

In Sassy Seeds of Success, you’ll get clear on your priorities that matter, discover what YOUR
definition of “extraordinary” means, and create an action plan that’s true to who YOU are.

* In this program you’ll build the momentum to create the life that you’re truly seeking.

Sassy Seeds of Success is a three-week program. With me by your side… step by step…
you will incorporate these 5 extraordinary tools into your life:

Module 1 – Acknowledge Challenges
Module 2 – Create Flow
Module 3 – Get ‘Er Done
Module 4 – Think Big
Module 5 – Commit to Success


With your investment of $197.00,
You’ll get specific, guided exercises and videos to help you immediately shift into your extraordinary life!

You’ll receive 3 in-depth, LIVE calls where I will answer all of your questions to support you in creating instant breakthroughs and get you primed for action!!
*Click on the “Register” button NOW to pick a date for your program!
“Sassy Seeds of Success” exceeded my expectations!! Through inventorying my life and peeling back the layers, I am now creating more “extraordinary” in my life. I was really impressed with Kara’s one-on-one attention and care and concern for program participants. Kara’s vulnerability regarding her own experiences and struggles, as well as the challenges and successes expressed by the participants, reminds us of how truly human we all are! I highly recommend “Sassy Seeds of Success” if you want to break free from patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you —it’s a journey well worth it!

– Kari H.

“Before Sassy Seeds, I was looking for more depth and meaning in my life. I was happy, but felt I needed more direction and clarity. Since completing the program, I’ve been able to create true flow in my life. I have a new level of internal power and calm that I can’t quite explain. When I completed a half marathon after my Sassy Seeds, I proved to myself that what I felt transform on the inside of me is now showing up in huge results in my life.

Hands down, I recommend this program. Just do it!”

– Trish B.


Powerful Purpose & Passion


Get ultra clear on what your BIG DREAMS are… and your next action steps!
You KNOW that being connected to your gifts and your mission
is KEY in creating a life full of magic and happiness…
Let’s DO THIS together!!!

You’ll have me right by your side…
so that I can help you tap into your inner voice and set out a road map…that way, you can start making your big dreams REAL.

Have you been feeling like there’s something missing in your life?
Get clear on your strengths and gifts…most importantly, connect with your passions
so that you are building a life that is deeply fulfilling.

Has there been something holding you back and you just don’t know what it is?
Identify fears you didn’t even know were there, and put them in the place they belong.
My Powerful Purpose and Passion Program is a fan favorite, because it creates the depth of awareness, insight, and motivation that is needed to propel you forward with conviction and clarity.

Here’s what we are going to dig into:

Session 1 – Big Dreams Revealed

*What’s at stake when you’re not living your big dreams?
*How have you been squashing your passions?
*What is your heart and spirit calling on you for?
*What are your strengths, gifts, and bright ideas?
*What does an ideal “day in the life of…” look like?

Session 2 – Big Dreams Come to Life

*Who are you committed to be?
*How can you use flow to carry you forward?
*What do you need to release in order to create space for magic?
*What actions are you going to take next?
*What systems and supports do you need to put into place?

BONUS: A 30-minute one-on-one Jump Start coaching call with me to pinpoint your biggest challenges right now, and to talk about what you most want to transform. This call is going to set you up to soar through the intense Powerful Purpose and Passion sessions.

ONE MORE BONUS: A 30-minute one-on-one Accountability coaching call with me to ensure that you are staying on track, and to breakthrough any new challenges that have come up.



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Discover your ultimate path to happiness, inspiration, and curious adventures!

This comprehensive 6-month training program will empower you to generate RESULTS…
extraordinary productivity, extraordinary communication, extraordinary relationships,
extraordinary leadership, and extraordinary fulfillment.

Who Should Register?
*Motivated Professionals Committed to Leading a Powerful Life
*High-Valued Supervisors and Managers with High Potential
*Heart-Centered Parents who are Ready to Pursue their Goals
*Career Transitioning People Wanting Clarity and Motivation to Move Forward
*Work Teams Looking to Boost their Synergy, Morale, and Productivity

The program requires about 1 to 1.5 hours of time per week, with a combination of:
online courses, video segments, group teleconferences, and private (one-on-one) training.

Get the learning, growth, and personalized support that will take you to the next level.
You will be amazed with the REAL and LONG LASTING shifts that you make.


Create Breakthroughs in:

  • Authenticity – enhance confidence in yourself, and connection with others. Identify the subconscious views and stories that you don’t even know are there, but are getting in the way of you achieving extraordinary results with your family, colleagues, clients, etc.

  • Leadership – have breakthroughs in empowering others, inspiring teamwork, articulating vision, making requests, giving feedback. Experience how motivation and accountability leads to powerful and rewarding outcomes …

  • Time Management – create habits and systems to generate simplicity, keep organized, and prioritize effectively to overcome shiny object syndrome. Master the mindset and habits of a decisive go-getter so that you are more efficient and effective with your time …

  • Communication – learn how to prevent and manage conflict, build trust, be assertive, listen deeply, demonstrate empathy, speak authentically. Enhance your relationships with your colleagues, clients, partners, family members, friends …

  • Emotional Intelligence – strengthen skills in managing emotions, clearing judgments, taking accountability, and demonstrating empathy. Practice the art of fostering deep relationships that are naturally supportive and collaborative.

  • Mental Health – evaluate your resilience, physical health, and stress levels.  Make a practical plan to live a healthier lifestyle – tackle stubborn mental and physical challenges so that you have more energy at work and at home …

  • Career Planning – generate action plans by evaluating your strengths, recognizing your accomplishments, and pinpointing your challenges. Get clear on your passions and mission so that you can align your professional goals and actions to what fulfills you at a deep level …


We learned reading, writing, math, and science in school…
but we didn’t learn the theories and nuances of communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, etc.

You are busy. You’re faced with competing demands every day. And yet, you KNOW that you need to continue learning and growing.

You want to build on your success, explore new paths, deepen your relationships… while honoring the core of who you are.
You want to move into projects, leadership, and community involvement that you are really meant for.

This program is designed to walk you through a step-by-step process of taking your life to the next level.

You’ll move through the program with a group of like-minded people – folks who also want to better themselves and the world around them.
Plus, you will get the personalized guidance and support you need in order to break through your stickiest and most persistent challenges.

Worried that you’ll have time consuming “homework” that you can’t complete in your spare time?!  NO!!
In your sessions, we’ll work together to identify your next action steps. Your homework will only be to get right into action and creating results!






“Kara helped me see my next steps and motivate me to actually take them. She worked with me to break my thoughts down, and I realized at a deeper level that I had to recognize my self worth. I needed to start taking care of me and not give all of me away. Even though it seems simple when I say it here, this was a huge realization for me. I’m so grateful for Kara’s gift to see what I wasn’t seeing.”

– Ashley Wheeler


“Kara: I really appreciate and admire how you can break down what I build up to be so complicated and overwhelming into a really simple decision. With your help I was able to change my focus and make a few decisions that I would probably still be struggling with.

Through getting to know you and reading your books, I’ve admired and have started to build more awareness around flow. I think our conversations and your influence has planted some seeds of really trusting the journey. Without that, I don’t know that I would have taken the chance to become self-employed last year. I could have never have done this on my own.

I’ve always admired how you glow, how you build such strong relationships around you, how you give life your best and are so deeply rewarded because of it. I learn so much by watching and you and understanding how you do things. You’ve been a huge inspiration in my life and I am always grateful.”

– Yves Gobeil


34 Hours of Training* over 6 months is $5,997 per person, plus applicable taxes.

*Application and approval process required.

Please contact for an application form, or scroll down to book an appointment for a phone interview.



Many say that it takes 66 days to form a habit.

Well, for 180 DAYS, we are going to work together to MAKE SURE you are creating some significant shifts and success in your life.

Every week, for 6 months on Sunday nights, we’ll have a 45-minute power teleconference call to get you fit and ready for a week of success.


GIFT 1: Your choice of a signed copy of “Chill: Creating Happiness in Life and Love” or “Chica: Creating Happy, Inspiring and Curious Adventures”

GIFT 2: A 1-Hour mid-program PRIVATE coaching session to ensure that you are on track, and to set you up to skyrocket through the rest of the program.

ONE MORE BIG GIFT: On-Demand Laser One-on-One Support (by phone – up to 8 x 15 min) so that I can answer your questions, help you refocus, give you tons of encouragement, and offer you feedback.


Let’s DO THIS! And let’s get started NOW!! Contact me now at