Powerful Purpose & Passion

Many of us think of success like a destination or end point. We are trying to figure out what our destination is… and then we set out to hit it.

I look at success more like living in the light.

Okay… no, this isn’t some airy fairy theory if that’s what you are thinking?! (wink)

Think of a lighthouse. You don’t actually want to hit the lighthouse to find the light. You need to be within the vicinity of the lighthouse to experience that your path is lit.

It’s the same with purpose and passion. When your life activities, life decisions, and life direction are in the wake of your purpose and passion… you have light and fulfillment in your life.

But first, you need to be clear on what lights you up.

When you are connected to your guiding light, THEN you can head in the direction of your lighthouse.

Your passions and purpose will bring light to who you are in the world and what you want to achieve at a deep level.

I will help you get clear on your purpose and passions – your light.

Powerful Purpose and Passion may have been a big leap but it came at a time when I was needing some clarity and focus. I got clear on the key elements that fulfill me in my life. It was such a pleasant surprise to discover that some elements were already there – but I needed to see what’s important to me in a new light to appreciate what was already there. I also identified what’s missing in my life to create a deeper level of fulfillment. Kara coached me to set out my next action steps. Powerful Purpose and Passion both helped me settle in and be peaceful, and also push me into new territory.

– Tara E.

Here’s what you will dig into in your Powerful Purpose & Passion program:


Session 1 – Commitment to Big Dreams (Self-Directed Session)

*A video, plus a written exercise, to help you get clear on your goals and intentions for this next step in your life.

Session 2 – Big Dreams Revealed (Two-Hour Intensive)

*What’s at stake when you’re not living your big dreams?
*How have you been squashing your passions?
*What is your heart and spirit calling on you for?
*What are your strengths, gifts, and bright ideas?
*What does an ideal “day in the life of…” look like?

Session 3 – Big Dreams Come to Life (Two-Hour Intensive)

*Who are you committed to be?
*How can you use flow to carry you forward?
*What do you need to release in order to create space for magic?
*What actions are you going to take next?
*What systems and supports do you need to put into place?


Session 4 – Accountability on Big Dreams (30-Minute Private Call)

*A one-on-one coaching call with me to ensure that you are staying on track, and to breakthrough any new challenges that have come up.

Powerful Purpose and Passion Program is a fan favorite, because it creates the depth of awareness, insight, and motivation that is needed to propel you forward with conviction and clarity.

BONUS: A 30-minute one-on-one Jump Start coaching call with me to pinpoint your biggest challenges right now, and to talk about what you most want to transform. This call is going to set you up to soar through the intense Powerful Purpose and Passion sessions.

ONE MORE BONUS: A comprehensive workbook designed to support you in living true to your purpose and passion. The exercises will push you to make the shifts you need to in order to realistically incorporate your purpose and passion into your life.