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3 Times #1 Bestselling Author

abstract tree with flowersChill: Creating Happiness in Life and Love
Chica: Creating Happy, Inspiring and Curious Adventures
Chirp: Communicating Happy, Insightful But Real Perspectives


You know how one of the first questions people ask you as a professional is, “What is your educational background?”

Well, I say that I have a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis & Management, and a B.A. Honors in Political Science. People often look a little surprised and confused with my response. Then they usually ask me, “So, how did you become a coach and an author?”

I have served as a mediator and facilitator for over a decade, and helped people navigate conflict in community, court, family, and workplace situations. The majority of my experience has been in working with organizational conflicts – tension within teams, between managers and employees, among co-workers. I even facilitate collaboration between Human Resources and Union representatives.

Over time, I became extremely concerned with the level of personal and professional stress in people’s lives. I could see that there was an inherent connection between people’s challenges at work, and at home. I could also see that at the root of most conflict situations was internal struggle, doubt, and fear.

At the same time, I was going through some significant challenges in my own life. I realized that despite how good my life looked on the outside, I wasn’t happy on the inside. I began to make some significant changes – in myself and in my life.

After a few years of digging in and getting myself on track, people began approaching me one after another and saying, “Wow…you’ve been through SO much!! How have you done it? Where do you find the courage and energy? Why do you seem so happy?”

All of the pieces were coming together. Seeing people struggle in the workplace, recognizing my own unhappiness, completely transforming my life…I’d been spending ten years in a sort of human experiment to learn for myself how to turn an unhappy life into an extraordinary one.

I began to write and to work with people one-on-one, to test the theories and tools that I had learned and used. I discovered that I have a gift in supporting people to recognize perceptions and patterns of behavior that don’t work. As I coached people, we were astonished how quickly I could help them to do some deep reflection, and then to shift, take action, and move forward.

It’s crystal clear to me that my mission and passion is to empower people to have extraordinary lives – relationships, career, health, fun, and most importantly, family. An “okay” life is just not enough.


Kara is a part of the Evolutionary Business Council community and founder of the People for People Conference in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the years, she has instructed communication courses at a number of Canadian universities. She lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada with her family and enjoys the outdoors, yoga, and a good glass of wine.