Measure, Measure

One of the keys to starting a new chapter in your health is to seek out some statistics on you. Find out what your starting point is and get a baseline. Log the food that you eat in a day. Buy a pedometer or Fitbit to get a base count of your daily activity. Have a body composition completed. Test your heart rate and blood pressure. Get your measurements done. Many gyms offer consultations for free or at a nominal charge. If you are at a gym or looking into a gym that doesn’t offer consultations for free or at an affordable rate, consider looking for a different gym.

This objective information is essential to measure progress and identify accomplishments. Measurements of the status quo create a baseline for calculating progress. One of the successes of the Weight Watchers program is that everything is measured and tracked. Numbers are factual. They tell the true story of any steps forward or backward in performance.

There’s power in looking at pure fact, without the story. Looking at measurements of the status quo gets you out of fantasy and into reality. The stories and reasons why your health is not where it could be are irrelevant. Our bodies will change over time, sometimes depending on our circumstances. However, it’s critical that we maintain our health and fitness level regardless of the excuses in our life not to.

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