Make a Choice

If there’s going to be a change to the status quo and what has been acceptable for your health over the last number of weeks, months, or years, there needs to a marked point where a choice is made. It’s not saying, “Yeah, I could probably do better,” or “I should probably start taking better care of my health.” The marked point is where you choose that health is a priority for you. There are always going to be many other necessary, fun, and relaxing priorities competing with health like working, shopping, drinking, cleaning, Facebooking, etc., but remember: nothing in the world will generate happiness if you have poor health. We need to choose health first.

Don’t expect that one day you will have an epitome, choose that health is your number one priority, and feel your whole life change immediately. The transformation to put health first is a process that requires us to we make commitments, take action, and build new habits. My journey in learning about health and nutrition and making shifts in my lifestyle has unfolded over time—and will continue to unfold—with some marked wake-up calls along the way. 

One wake-up call for me happened a few years ago when I realized that I spent more time and money driving and maintaining my Volkswagen Touareg than exercising and caring for my body. I’d spend hours waiting in the shop for an oil change and pay for premium oil. I would fill it up with premium gas. I would pay for it to be waxed. I would clean the interior. When I recognized that I wasn’t spending the same amount of time, money, and energy on my body, I decided that I needed a significant shift in my lifestyle. Rather than putting premium gas in my vehicle, I needed to start putting premium food in my real vehicle—my body. It was high time to start spending my precious hours on nurturing the foundational vehicle of my life.



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