Let It Flow

Life can be exceptional. We should expect exceptional. An exceptional life is created when we focus on our priorities and contributing to others, allow for and look for synchronicities, and let go of trying to control things. When we let it flow moment to moment and day to day, beautiful and rewarding experiences emerge. Life unfolds naturally and exceptionally.

Letting it flow is about balancing two things: having a path and an intention, and letting things unfold naturally. In nature, there is a purpose to everything. One thing connects to another, and the result is absolute perfection. As a river flows toward the ocean, the intention is very clear. The path deviates, with the water flowing over rocks, and sometimes flowing around them. It is important to have goals and plans (as the water intends to reach the ocean), but when we are stuck and fixed on plans and goals, we don’t let the universe take care of things naturally. Sometimes what seem like obstacles (rocks) in the moment are actually part of a perfect path unfolding. When we let things unfold naturally, a chain of events and outcomes can emerge that are even better than we planned or expected.


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