Keep Things In Perspective

When we put things into perspective, many of the things that we perceive as challenges are not really challenges. People sit in coffee shops complaining about how their pants don’t fit right, or how their mother calls them too much, or how the price of gas has gone up when there are children in the community who are going to school without eating breakfast. People sit at work counting down the number of days remaining before they can retire and gossiping about who’s sleeping with whom when there are women working as sexual slaves all over the world. People walk through the store trying to figure out what to buy someone as a gift and worry about how much to spend and whether they’ll like it when the landfills are full of garbage.

I think it’s time for a number of us to do a reality check on whether our challenges are actually challenges. With all the time and energy we waste on little things, we could be up to taking on big things. Rather than running around town to find the freshest tomatoes and perfect place settings for a dinner party, how about donating money to the food bank or volunteering at a soup kitchen? Believe me, your dinner party guests won’t notice the difference in the taste of the tomatoes and probably won’t know if you purchased new napkins, but the people who don’t have the means to eat at all will sure appreciate a meal. Let’s get out of our little bubbles and remind ourselves of what a challenge really is.


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