It’s International Happiness Day

We are all presented with opportunities every day. Sometimes the ride slows down, sometimes it actually stops in front of us, and other times it’s whizzing by. One of the keys to living a curious and adventurous life is to be courageous and creative, and to jump on board.

The things is, the ride isn’t going to stop just because you think you’re not the right person, or that you’re not ready. It’s going to keep on moving, whether you get on board or not. The universe provide an opportunity for you to join in the adventure for a moment in time, whether it is seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks. But if you don’t get on board, the ride will move on to pick up other people who are open and willing to jump on.

SHARE WITH ME… What opportunity did you jump on recently, and what happiness have you created in your life as a result?

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