Interview with Ellen

In my newest International #1 Bestselling Book “Chica,” I interviewed Ellen Rogin. She is an absolutely stunning soul – she shines from the inside out. Here is one of my favorite excerpts of Ellen’s story:


Some people say you can have it all, and some people say you can’t have it all. Ellen thinks you should have what you most want. Time goes by so fast, so you need to get clear about your current direction, and what you most value, and be open to making changes over time.

You need to: 1) be clear about your vision of success and be willing to jump for it; 2) focus on the value that you give to others; 3) identify your priorities; 4) spot negative subconscious beliefs so that they don’t hold you back; and 5) trust that there is a bigger picture, and that everything will work out in perfect time.

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