Hold Your Power

Even when you don’t feel calm, you can act as if you’re calm. How would you be feeling inside if you were calm? What would you be saying if you were calm? What would you be doing if you were calm? Use your noggin. The mind is powerful, and you can actually create calm even when you’re not sure that you can or should be calm. Keep your tone of voice low and calm. Smile. Continue doing the task that you were doing. Breathe regularly. Be pleasant. You get the picture. When you push yourself to act calm physically, you can actually trick your emotional self into believing that everything is okay.

When we allow emotions to skyrocket, we can become paralyzed for hours, days, weeks, or even years. By putting one foot in front of the other in life—even just in keeping on in daily activities—we minimize the time and space we have to continue creating stories in our minds, escalating the feelings and the drama. When we care for ourselves in a positive way—by doing activities such as exercising, eating a healthy meal, going for a massage, having a short nap, getting outside into fresh air and sunshine, drinking water, etc.—we also minimize the chance of digging ourselves further into a rut. By chatting with a friend who will talk us down (not up), we further reduce the chances of getting on an emotional elephant ride. At one time, my coach, Matt Thorpe, would say, “If you’re in your head for more than an hour girl, call me.”



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