Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Feeling Lucky?!

Luck is great…AND there’s something to be said for persistence!

One of Napoleon Hill’s famous tales is about mining for gold in the days of the gold rush. A man named Darby set out to find gold, and indeed made a discovery with his pick and shovel. He covered up his treasure, and left to fetch his uncle and some equipment to mine the gold. The two men returned and mined one car of ore, but as they continued mining were horrified that the vein of gold disappeared. The stopped, sold the equipment, and returned home. However, the man who they sold their equipment to investigated the site they had abandoned, only to discover that they had hit a fault line and stopped mining three feet from millions of dollars of gold.

See, the challenge we face in life is that we never really know when we are three feet away. We may be seven feet away or one foot away. Sometimes that jackpot is just at our fingertips, but we can’t see it. I certainly believe in the law of attraction, and have tremendous appreciation for synchronicity, but I’m also a firm believer that hard work and diligence pays off. We need to keep going even when we don’t know how far we are from success.

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