Give Give Give

Do you give to get—or do you give to give? Webster’s Dictionary defines “give” as to “bestow without receiving a return; to confer without compensation.” In other words, giving is intended to occur for the sake of giving. A chill and abundant life is full of giving. In any moment of every day, ask yourself, “How can I give?”

There is no beginning or end to the span of giving. Most commonly, giving is associated with giving time and/or money, and often giving to a charitable group. The key thing here is to recognize that giving can become a way of life, a context around which to look at creating life. Giving creates a positive and abundant energy that fills us, the people around us, and the people around those people. It creates happiness and love and uplifts the world.

We can always be looking for ways to give, whether it’s holding a door open for someone, helping a child at the playground, buying a product from a giving company, giving a hug, attending a charitable event, etc. Imagine a world where everyone was looking to give to the people around them in every moment. Giving reaps giving.


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