Get Off the Emotional Elephant

We can easily become consumed by our emotions. Rather than us controlling our emotions, they control us. It’s like we’re on an elephant ride, and the elephant is running absolutely wild. When was the last time you were on one of these emotional elephant rides? An hour ago? Yesterday? Last week? How often does it happen? Do you take mini emotional elephant rides or humungous ones?

Here’s the most important question: would you like to take the reins and ride that elephant in a new, slow, and peaceful way?

Emotions are natural, of course. We wouldn’t be human without them. Some people say it would be easier to be a goldfish and not have a need to manage emotions, but emotions make us social and connected creatures. We get connection and love out of the deal. In the book of life, these experiences of affinity are not only normal experiences but very desirable ones.

The problem occurs when emotions take over. Physiologically, emotions actually hijack the brain. Many studies in neuroscience are being done every day to better understand when and how this process occurs. It is a fascinating area of learning. Suffice it to say, the higher your emotions get, the less you are able to think rationally. Chemicals are released in your brain, which inhibit your ability to process thoughts in a logical manner.

Emotional elephant rides are inevitable because, as humans, we have emotions. However, we always have the power to choose what kind of ride we’re going to go on in any given moment, and how long it’s going to last.

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