Get Into Action

The amount of time and energy we waste on needless drama and emotion is ridiculous. We get ourselves into a funk, all because we let our emotions take over. We create a story in our minds to legitimize our emotions. If we are feeling sad, we think about what is making us sad, and daydream about all the reasons why the person or circumstance is making us sad. This story justifies our sadness. Then our mind may wander to what else in our life is making us sad. The sadness gets more robust, and hangs around for longer because we are immersed in the story of how and why we are sad.

Often, in order to stop ourselves from running away on a wild, emotional elephant ride, the best thing to do is to be in action and get things done in our lives, in the community, and in the world. When we’re focused on being in action in our lives—being productive and continually taking actions aligned with our goals and passion—there’s less space to get into the fruitless and annoying spin of our own thoughts.

If I start to get particularly emotional about something, I get into action rather than wallowing in emotion. For instance, I may go to bed. I know that I need about eight hours of sleep, so I may as well go to sleep a little bit earlier and wake up a little bit earlier. I’ll most likely wake and be happier and more productive tomorrow. I’ll choose to go to bed instead of trying to escape into a television show or unhealthy snack. Now this doesn’t mean that I go to bed and sleep for one or two or three extra hours. The whole idea is to take the next action, which is sleeping, in order to get to the next action, which is starting the next day. The intention in taking the next action is to get out of an emotional funk. Taking the next action can be done by making supper, tackling a project, getting some exercise, running an errand. Simply take on the next priority or anything that needs to get done.


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