Get ‘Er Done

We all have things on our to-do list that just don’t get done. Let’s face it: the items can be little or big. Sometimes they’re on our mental to-do list, and other times they make it to our physical to-do list. Sometimes the little things are actually big, and sometimes the big things are actually little. Here’s the good news: it’s a mental game and you can come out the winner.

Getting things done creates momentum. Who do you know that seems to have trouble following through, or forgets to complete tasks, or gets distracted, or makes goals that fall by the wayside? Let’s be honest, are you that person?

You’ve probably noticed many things where you’ve spent way more time and energy thinking about getting something done than it took to actually get it done. Yes, “get ‘er done” isn’t a new concept. You know this. I know you know it. So what’s getting in the way?


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