Get ‘Er Done

On our Sassy Seeds of Success live teleconference call tonight, we’re talking GET ‘ER DONE!

Take the necessary time to get ‘er done. Notice that I didn’t say “make” the time because we can’t make time. Time is finite. We can’t expand it. The time we have is the time we have. For some reason, many of us think that time is going to one day magically expand or open up to accommodate for the things we need to get done. This doesn’t happen. In each block of one minute or five minutes or 10 minutes or one hour, we have a choice in how we spend time. It’s our choice how those minutes are spent, so start taking the time for your priorities and to-do list.

Time is our most precious resource. If you take the time, you’re telling yourself and the world that this thing you’re committed to getting done is going to get done. You may be temporarily sacrificing time with friends, time to exercise, time to play with kids, etc., to get this thing done that you’ve decided is important. You may block off time, or you may actually need to squeeze time in one small block of time when you can spare it. Regardless, don’t even thing that there’s going to be a perfect time to get something done. Yes, sometimes consideration needs to be given to timing, but more often that not, the time to accomplish a task or get the ball rolling is here and now. Take the time.

What have YOU been avoiding? What ACTION are you committed to take?!

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