Extraordinary Teams

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Ideally, we accept each team member’s strengths and weaknesses as we do in our own family. But this is easier said than done. Communication goes sideways and escalates – in a moment, or over years. Personalities, working styles, and even values collide. Appreciation and collaboration isn’t easy.

Let’s dig into the mindset, skills, and processes it takes to create AND maintain an extraordinary team.

How can you capitalize on the strengths that each person brings?
What would stronger communication look like?
What patterns have you fallen into as a team that you can break out of?
What information and feedback do you need to share with each other?
How can you create more synergy in the work that you do?

Teambuilding strategies are most effective when the actual challenges and circumstances of the team are assessed and addressed. Prior to her speaking engagements, Kara explores the true issues that the group is facing, and designs a presentation accordingly.

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