Extraordinary Ethics

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Ethics is often thought of as a “boring requirement,” and perhaps an aspect of business that is handled by
“those people OVER THERE.” There can be lack of awareness, mental distance, disengagement, and even skepticism when it comes to ethics.

But what if ethics could be INSPIRING and MOTIVATING???

What if we could use ethics to raise the bar in our organizational cultures?
What if we could use ethics as a basis to foster innovation?

Discussions rooted in ethics can be taken on with an “outside of the box” approach.

With her experience in teaching Ethics in the MBA Program at the University of Alberta, Kara will discuss what it means to be an ethical leader, and what it takes to uphold your values professionally and personally. She will highlight how different people think about ethics in different ways.

Kara will provide examples and scenarios for discussion to help people recognize how to effectively navigate ethical dilemmas. She will also bring forward the idea that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is everyone’s responsibility. Contributing to social causes and charity is more and more becoming a part of how organizations do business.

Depending on where your organization sits with your ethical culture, ethics training, policies and structure, CSR strategy, and communication practices, this session can be altered to fit your particular needs and goals.
“The topic of ethics can first appear simple and straight forward. After all, who doesn’t know what the right thing to do is, right? And therein lies the gem. Knowing about ethics and being ethical are two very different things.”

-Stanford Hsu

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