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How do you be a person that people are drawn to?
How do you articulate your points in a persuasive way?
How do you listen effectively and still have time to get your work done?

We need to be able to speak in both a respectful and direct manner when the time comes for a difficult conversation… but we also want to model straight talk every day, moment to moment. Whether managing daily tasks, giving feedback, or resolving conflict, we are faced with tough situations on what seems to be an endless basis.

What if the other person avoids conversation at all costs?
What if s/he engages like a vicious dog after a bone?

Sure, we know that “assertiveness” and asking questions in communication is important. And we know that people communicate differently. But what REALLY works when you are faced with a difficult person and situation?

Based on her bestselling book “Chirp: Communicating Happy, Inspiring but Real Perspectives,” Kara talks about how to communicate authentically and powerfully. Kara highlights the key mistakes that people make in their speaking, and also identifies the surprising strategies that generate connection and collaboration. Kara will provide her top seven practical tips in navigating these conversations with tact and tenacity. She will provide simple and insightful advice that you can implement instantly.
“Kara offered lessons that were relevant in all areas of my life. I have found myself quoting things I learned as I have been talking with friends and family. There was just so much to take away and apply to my day to day interactions.

Her presentations are incredibly real and accessible. Kara never stands on a pedestal, but instead offers examples from her own experiences to demonstrate positive, effective communication. I truly believe I was able to grow so much, in terms of my communication skills and even in general. Not to mention that Kara is so kind and genuine. It was easy to stay engaged as she spoke.”

-Jenaya Schroh
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