Don’t Feel, Just Do It

Stop expecting that things are going to be easy and that you’re going to feel like doing them. Get over the fact that you “feel like” doing particular tasks. Just because you don’t feel like it or because it’s not easy doesn’t mean that now is not the time to tackle the task. Successful people do things because the tasks need to be done, not because they feel like it. I don’t feel like wiping my child’s bum most days, but I do it anyway. “I don’t feel like it” is just a feeling. Whether you “feel” like something or not is irrelevant when it comes to whether it would be beneficial to do. Whether you “feel” motivated or “feel” lazy, it is just a feeling. I guarantee if you go for a walk and get some fresh air that you will “feel” better after you do so. But if you don’t, you may continue to feel tired, lazy, or whatever else you feel.

What makes things hard is all the energy we put into telling ourselves and others how hard it is and how much we don’t want to do something. If you saved a dog from a burning building, I don’t think the person interviewing you for your heroism would focus on how hard you thought it was going to be before you ran into the burning building, or whether you felt like doing it or not. There are some things in life that we just do. And the more that we take on in life without indulging in our feelings, the drama, and our resistance, the more things get done because they’re what need to get done.


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