Dig Into Your Diet

Diet is a fundamental pillar to health and fitness. If you’re not eating good food, you may not have the energy to exercise, and your food choices will counteract your exercise. Diet is a complex matter and there are books upon books that can guide you with advice on diet. There seem to be as many different philosophies on diet as there are pairs of shoes or kinds of men in the world. Diet is not simple. What is critical is that you make a commitment that diet will be a focus for transformation.

We can retrain ourselves when it comes to diet. Some kids in the world learn to eat rice and vegetables, others seaweed, others curry, and others fish sticks. We have been trained throughout our lives to eat and like certain things. When you reflect on what you eat and don’t eat, consider how your diet got to be this way. Perhaps it was what you learned or didn’t learn growing up, or from the norms in your line of work, or the things you have read along the way, which may be true or untrue. Think about or observe what your parents or guardians eat or ate. Do they, or did they, have a tendency to go for carby foods, fatty foods, sugary foods, processed foods, fast foods? This isn’t about making our parents or guardians wrong. It’s about gaining awareness about how our diet has been influenced over time and how we got to be where we are at.


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