Create Support

Why do this alone? More and more, I recognize that when I’m not successful in getting something done (whether I think I know how to do it or not), I simply need to reach out and ask for help. We’re a community of people in this world for a reason. The most successful people in life create a network of support around them, eat humble pie, and take advice and direction from experts. Just as you often need to hire experts to care for your vehicle, it’s wise to hire experts to support you in caring for your body. I obviously hadn’t been successful at creating a “yummy mommy” figure post-children, so it was time for a different plan of action.

If resources (time, money, etc.) seem like they’re an obstacle for you when looking at setting out strategies or getting professional help, then get creative about it. When I made the choice to create a bikini body, I hired a personal trainer. And here’s where the financial creativity comes in: I hired a personal trainer who leads group training sessions so that the cost was substantially lower. The best part was that it turned out our training group consisted of two people. I got the one-on-one attention that I needed at a price that was appealing. It was approximately one-quarter of the cost and nearly all the service. Pure awesome.

Here’s another idea: start talking to people about healthy eating and living. Start sharing healthy ideas such as putting chia seeds in water or visiting a new organic market, rather than gossiping about others, criticizing government spending, talking about Sara’s new haircut, or bragging about the new watch you bought. When you have a choice, ask the health nut out for a coffee or walk date, rather than your regular drama queen friend. When you create an environment around you that supports healthy living, there’s no getting out of it.


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