Create a Giving Day

Do an experiment. Commit to making one day soon a giving day. Go about your day. Do what you normally do. Don’t completely set aside your own priorities and activities throughout the day. Simply engage in the responsibilities and activities of the day as usual. But go about your day in a different way.

Give in every moment and at every opportunity that you can. Let someone into the traffic lane you are in. Text a compliment or encouragement. Lend an empathetic ear. Smile at a homeless person and wish her/him a good day. Allow a parent with children to move ahead of you in line at the supermarket. Give someone a pat on the back or a hug. Thank a service provider. Acknowledge a family member. Send a small gift to someone. Hold the elevator door. Treat yourself to a bubble bath.

Prior to your giving day, spend time daydreaming about how you will give. Think about all the languages of love and how you can express giving to the different people you cross paths with in the day. Notice how other people give as they go about their day. Do a quick Internet search on ideas for random acts of kindness. Even daydreaming about giving will put you in a warm, positive, and loving mood.

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