Believe You Can Have It All

I remember one of my personal development course leaders saying with deep passion and conviction, “You can have it all! You just need to believe it and create it. Don’t try to do it alone, though. You can have it all if you allow for the people around you to contribute to you having it all.” I see now that for many years I was getting in the way of myself having it all because I hadn’t really committed to believing it could happen and making it happen. I mean really committed.

It can be a real challenge to continue committing to having it all when things seem like they’re slipping sideways or, worse yet, when it seems like we’re sitting at the bottom of a deep, dark hole. When good things are happening and everything is flowing, it seems entirely possible to have it all. It’s a positive, light, and abundant energy that seems to grow and build on itself naturally. The challenge is to maintain that deep belief in and commitment to happiness, abundance, love, and contribution even in the foggy, gloomy, or stormy times.

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