Be Trusting

There can be a tendency to worry and believe that people are going to hurt us, steal from us, let us down, abandon us, damage our things, etc. This is a human condition. We’re wired this way to protect ourselves. When we let this orientation to people and life run us, we end up being suspicious, cautious, cold, solitary, stingy, protective, disconnected, and accusational.

When we have a commitment to see people as having good hearts and good intentions and as being honest, generous, and trustworthy, we commit to see and operate in the world in a trusting way. The world becomes a safe and giving place where we can experience happiness and love wherever we go and in whatever we do.

Start to identify any negative and limiting beliefs that come from your upbringing that aren’t necessarily yours at their roots and that limit you from being trusting. Family stories of hardship, tragedy, suffering, mistreatment, etc. can create a lack of trust when it’s not needed. Sometimes the stories may be of experiences that you were a part of, but other times they may be stories that were just passed down.

Let the fear and caution go. Trust that things happen for a reason. There are no accidents. Trusting that everything is unfolding perfectly and as it should gives a sense of peace and acceptance with how things are. Every person we encounter, every experience that occurs…it all unfolds with perfection. Even when it doesn’t feel perfect to us, each moment is an opportunity for us to seek the perfection in what may seem imperfect. We can look at what we’re learning and remind ourselves of our higher intentions and purpose. This approach to life requires patience, acceptance, and trust.


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