Be Educated (a “Go Green” continuation)

One of the biggest challenges in living greener is to have the information that’s actually going to make the difference. Paper or plastic? Online shopping or bricks-and-mortar shopping? Gas or diesel? It’s fine to want to do the right thing and to make green choices, but we need to know what the facts are in order to make a positive difference.

In the age where online information is at our fingertips, we’re in a perfect position to be educated. All it takes is some time and interest to get educated about green choices. Rather than simply following the crowd, we can put some thought and diligence behind our daily choices. It’s easy to justify continuing to do what you have always done, even when you suspect that it’s not the green things to do—especially when everyone else is doing it. People used to burn Styrofoam in campfires. Some people still buy and wear fur coats and pour solvents down the drain. Today fewer people do these things. We all know that what seems normal and okay in a society in one age can change in the next age, yet when we’re living in the current age, we often fail to think critically. We just follow the crowd and/or the norms of yesterday.

Did you know that there are toxins in the ink printed on receipts, which gets onto our hands, into our food, into our water, and into recycled products? Did you know that global consumption of bottled water continues to go up, even though it takes three times the same amount of water—and one-quarter of the amount of oil—to produce one bottle of water? Did you know that species of fish are diminishing rapidly because of overfishing and warmer ocean temperatures? Did you know that it takes in the range of 10,000 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans?

What are some things that you will seek more information on?

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