Be Committed

There are no shortcuts. As I was writing this chapter, an advertisement came on the radio. A swimwear store was pronouncing the three steps to looking great in a swimsuit: 1) go to the store 2) try on a certain brand of swimsuit that tucks everything in, and 3) be impressed with how you look in the suit. Really?! Sounds like a temporary Band-Aid solution and quite likely an expensive Band-Aid solution to me. How about putting that money into exercise classes or organic food or a consult with a naturopath in order to get closer to looking and feeling great in a swimsuit?

Creating health and a healthy lifestyle takes commitment and diligence. It doesn’t have to be hard. Parts of it might be. I’m all about taking the easy track when it works, but there are some things that simply require time and effort. Nobody is perfect. I’m certainly not. There have been days when I’ve eaten French fries in the morning, a big bag of potato chips mid-day, and three ice cream sandwiches late in the afternoon. Sometimes I eat poorly for a few weeks at a time. Then I simply acknowledge that it was a bad day or a bad run and get back on the clean-eating train again.

Enhancing health is about retraining and creating a new normal around health. There are many people in the world who think it’s normal to live and walk without shoes. This is what they’ve learned and grown accustomed to. Believe me, you can learn and grow accustomed to some shifts in lifestyle that will enhance your health. It will take time, and it will take dedication.

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