Be Chill

This is an eye opener because the paradox in this whole deal is that you’ll actually chill by getting things done. Do you know how wound up you get because of the things you aren’t getting done? We waste an incredible amount of emotional and physical energy feeling guilty, depressed, frustrated, and even angry about the things we don’t get done. And we often don’t even realize it’s happening. People who get the important things done in life are often calmer, more confident, and more generous. They feel productive and accomplished at home, with family and friends, in their work, health-wise, etc. If you also get the things done you need and want to, you can actually enjoy your free time. When you take time to relax and chill, you will really feel chill.

There’s a big world out there. When you take on the little things in life, it creates momentum to take on bigger and bigger and bigger things in the community and in the world. When we pretend like we’re small and don’t matter, there’s no opportunity to make a difference. When we start living up to our potential, we can even impress ourselves with what we’re capable of.


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