Astounding Achievement requires about 1 to 1.5 hours of time per week, with a combination of:
online courses, video segments, group teleconferences, and private (one-on-one) training.

Shifting your life in meaningful and long-lasting ways takes time. Many people wonder how to keep themselves on track, how to boost their passions, how to jump over the persistent challenges of life, and how to stay focused on the big picture. Many people who take on this program have decided that it is the time to make a REAL shift in their life.

This program is for you if you are willing to commit to creating SIGNIFICANT and SUSTAINABLE changes.

Create Breakthroughs in:

    • Authenticity – enhance confidence in yourself, and connection with others. Identify the subconscious views and stories that you don’t even know are there, but are getting in the way of you achieving extraordinary results with your family, colleagues, clients, etc.


    • Leadership – have breakthroughs in empowering others, inspiring teamwork, articulating vision, making requests, giving feedback. Experience how motivation and accountability leads to powerful and rewarding outcomes …


    • Time Management – create habits and systems to generate simplicity, keep organized, and prioritize effectively to overcome shiny object syndrome. Master the mindset and habits of a decisive go-getter so that you are more efficient and effective with your time …


    • Communication – learn how to prevent and manage conflict, build trust, be assertive, listen deeply, demonstrate empathy, speak authentically. Enhance your relationships with your colleagues, clients, partners, family members, friends …


    • Emotional Intelligence – strengthen skills in managing emotions, clearing judgments, taking accountability, and demonstrating empathy. Practice the art of fostering deep relationships that are naturally supportive and collaborative.


    • Mental Health – evaluate your resilience, physical health, and stress levels.  Make a practical plan to live a healthier lifestyle – tackle stubborn mental and physical challenges so that you have more energy at work and at home …


  • Career Planning – generate action plans by evaluating your strengths, recognizing your accomplishments, and pinpointing your challenges. Get clear on your passions and mission so that you can align your professional goals and actions to what fulfills you at a deep level …




We learned reading, writing, math, and science in school…
but we didn’t learn the theories and nuances of communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, etc.

You are busy. You’re faced with competing demands every day. And yet, you KNOW that you need to continue learning and growing.

You want to build on your success, explore new paths, deepen your relationships… while honoring the core of who you are.
You want to move into projects, leadership, and community involvement that you are really meant for.

This program is designed to walk you through a step-by-step process of taking your life to the next level.

You’ll move through the program with a group of like-minded people – folks who also want to better themselves and the world around them.
Plus, you will get the personalized guidance and support you need in order to break through your stickiest and most persistent challenges.

Worried that you’ll have time consuming “homework” that you can’t complete in your spare time?!  NO!!
In your sessions, we’ll work together to identify your next action steps. Your homework will only be to get right into action and creating results!




“Kara helped me to see my next steps and motivate me to actually take them. She worked with me to break my thoughts down, and I realized at a deeper level that I had to recognize my self worth. I needed to start taking care of me and not give all of me away. Even though it looks simple when I say it here, this was a HUGE realization for me. I’m so grateful for Kara’s gift of seeing what I couldn’t see.

Within a month of working with Kara in Astounding Achievement, I was creating significantly more abundance in my business. My confidence was getting stronger every week. I was having more fun in my life, and my future was clearer than it had ever been.”

– Ashley Wheeler, Teacher

“Astounding Achievement has been a blessing for me. In the last six months, I’ve received a promotion at work, shifted to a healthier lifestyle, and gotten my finances in line. I feel more fulfilled and connected with my purpose. My past is no longer consuming and overshadowing me. I also moved through an incredibly difficult time in my life with ‘flow’ and grace.”

– Tracy M, Regional Finance Manager

40+ Hours of Extraordinary Training over a 6-Month Period.

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