Acknowledge Your Own Flow

The more we acknowledge flow in our lives and the more we are grateful for the flow, the more space we create for flow to happen more often and in bigger ways. This practice of observing and appreciating flow is one that we can strengthen every day. 

Here are some signs of flow:

• You write on your to-do list that you need to contact someone, and a few hours later they initiate communication with you.

• You decide you need an item, and it turns up shortly thereafter at a convenient place and price (sometimes free).

• You create a list of characteristics that you are looking for in a new job and a friend mentions a position open in their organization that fits your wish list perfectly.

• You run into someone you know and find out that they are having a super tough day; s/he needs a hug and a heart-to-heart chat.

• You need to spend an extra 10 minutes at work, but because you stayed, you avoid a backlog of traffic from a train crossing; it clears up just as you are approaching the area.

• You bump into the person you have been playing phone tag with at the grocery store.

• You’re looking for a service and someone you know mentions in passing this same service that they use and love.

• You need a ride somewhere and overhear someone talking about heading out to the same area.

• You paste a picture of a sustainably built vacation home on your goal board and a nearly identical vacation home in your budget comes up for sale near your family’s property.

• You are thinking fondly of someone and they call or text you.

• You can’t buy an item because it’s out of stock, but you find the same item at another store at a lower price, or a different item that is better quality and/or a better fit.

What flow have you experienced recently?

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