Acknowledge the Impact

Make a powerful choice to get something done. Many of us tell ourselves and others each day that we’re going to do things. Often, we have no intention of actually doing these things. Sometimes we think we might do it, and we say we will do something—and not act on what we said because that’s okay in society. Everyone says they’re going to do things and don’t.

What goes hand in hand with making this powerful choice to get something done is getting real and acknowledging the impact of not getting it done. Look at the consequences of not getting done what you need or want to. They may be tangible consequences. They may be emotional consequences. They may have an impact on others. In Canada, if you haven’t raked your leaves before it snows, either you end up raking heavy, wet leaves after the first light snowfall (if you get the chance) or you end up trying to scrape the mushy, matted leaves off the ground before they kill your grass in the spring after the snow has melted. Sometimes you need to dig deep to see the consequences. And sometimes you need to be honest with yourself in a way that you haven’t been. If you don’t exercise, the impacts may include not having enough energy to play with your kids, your clothes not fitting, feeling grumpy and down and tired, being unfocused in your work, and spending more money on fast food, ultimately leading to health issues.

If you really want to look at the impact of not getting something done, ask someone who’s directly impacted by your inaction. Listen openly, with deep curiosity, and without an ounce of defensiveness. We’re often so caught up in our own world that we forget about how we impact those around us. We fail to recognize how far-reaching the effect of our inaction is.


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