Tough Decisions

What if I don’t have the resources to register for Powerful Purpose and Passion, and to get the support I know I need?

A lot of people who have been writing to me are so excited about this new program… and some of you have voiced concern because you know you want and need what the program has to offer, but you also need to know that the cost will fit for you financially.    

I’ve had a tough time figuring out how to price the Powerful Purpose and Passion program… especially since I keep adding to it.  What price do you put on a program and coaching that will actually make a difference?  (I personally guarantee it will because I’m teaching what has made a difference in my life and my clients’ lives; these are principles and strategies that have worked over and over and over.)  I know that some of my readers have paid thousands of dollars for other programs – I have many times too!!  I also know that there are plenty of others who have tight budgets.

But my commitment is to have an impact on this planet, and to work with people who are ready to jump in with me. So please don’t worry.  Joining Powerful Purpose and Passion won’t cost you $2000.  It will be significantly less.  

I can also guarantee that when you see what has been put into this program, you’ll understand that your happiness can finally become more important than a vacation (where happiness is usually only the duration of the vacation) or dinners out (which usually only lasts while you’re there)… you’ll begin to realize that happiness can be long lasting when your foundation of purpose has shifted. What also changes when you shift your foundation is that you end up spending less and saving more money because you can think clearly and feel I am more confident in yourself.  You’ll make better decisions that cost you less financially and emotionally in the long run.


I’ve gotten a few questions that I can answer pretty briefly so while I’m at it I may as well answer these for you…


1. Do you have to register for Powerful Purpose and Passion to get the materials, or will a recording and the materials be available for those who cannot attend or don’t get into the program?

ANSWER:  All of the materials and other resources are exclusive to the people who register.  

2. Will Powerful Purpose and Passion help people who are struggling with negativity and challenging circumstances?

ANSWER:  Yes. A major component of the program is looking at your current life situation – your real environment and circumstances. Through one-on-one coaching, exercises, and the course material, you will be supported in developing strategies to powerfully manage what you are dealing with. If you register for the V.I.P. lunch at Powerful Purpose and Passion, you will have even more one-on-one time with me to strategize.

3. Is Powerful Purpose and Passion location specific? How many days will the program last?

ANSWER:  The cities and dates of Powerful Purpose and Passion will be released in the next week!
The program lasts for one full day.

4. Lastly, naturally everyone wants to know: When Powerful Purpose and Passion will finally be available?!

ANSWER:  I’m thrilled that Powerful Purpose and Passion will be ready to launch next week!!

Once I have the definite date and time, I will put out the announcement right away so that everyone can start marking their calendars to set aside the time. Since you are on the Priority Notification list, I promise to give you advance notice and the first chance to register.

In Gratitude,


p.s. Again, try not to worry about the cost.  I promise that you’ll get thousands of dollars worth of value, but it won’t cost you thousands.



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